PowerMax Energy Core Values

Dedication, Integrity with helping of Southern Hospitality

Our core values are dedication, integrity and southern hospitality. Our core values are esteemed in everything we do from recruiting new employees, developing our management programs, training our Marketing Managers, empowering our Fundraising Partners, rewarding our Rewards Program participants or cultivating new products and programs with our Executive Team.

Dedication is a must to develop

As entrepreneurs, dedication is incredibly important as we venture into existing and new markets. It this type of dedication that has launch PowerMax Energy into one of the fadtest, profitable and debt free companies in America today.

Integrity is a decision

Without integrity you have nothing. We began as a company built on a Christian Biblical foundation of integrity and take great care to conduct all of our business above reproach.

Southern Hospitality is about taking care of you

We’d like to think that here in Texas everything is better, including our warmth. Colleagues, clients, Independent Business Owners, employees, competitors, they each deserve to be treated with respect. Southern Hospitality is about relationships, communication and treating other people like you would like to be treated.