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Jul 10, 2014 by Donald Dunavin

Saved me a bunch. Cut my electric bill in half. Thanks Bryan Merritt and Power Max Energy.

PowerMax Energy has saved us hundreds of dollars every month in electricity.

Apr 01, 2014 by Cindy Wilson

PowerMax Energy has saved us hundreds of dollars every month in electricity.
The first bill we received dropped from $300.00 to $98.00. I was shocked by the fact that we were getting so ripped off by TXU. When it is time for renewal, you will receive notification in the mail in plenty of time to renew. I have told a lot of people about your company. A couple have switched and others are just too afraid to switch. All I tell them is that it is their loss. They are throwing money away every month.

Mar 31, 2014 by Chelsea Ivey

I have had the absolute privilege of not just making money with PowerMax Energy, but me and my family have benefited from saving money with PowerMax Energy for years. From starting out in college and having Tara Energy service my very first home to Amigo, to Champion, to Apna. The beauty of PowerMax is that no matter how many clients this company may have, they always took the time to make my needs matter. They always took the time to save ME every single dime they could.

We are saving over 40% on our electric service.

Mar 17, 2014 by Ross Lortie

We are saving over 40% on our electric service. We have just renewed our contract for another three years. Thank you for the savings.

They helped me find an energy company with no deposit and low monthly rates

Mar 11, 2014 by Jessica Lucier

They helped me find an energy company with no deposit and low monthly rates. Chelsea Ivey was amazing when it came to an issue we ended up having as well. She not only helped us save money, but she was there when things didn't go as planned as well. It wasn't the fault of PowerMax, just an error made on my roommate's behalf. I would recommend PowerMax Energy to any and everyone. Especially Chelsea, she is an amazing consultant and truly believes in what she's selling you. Because to her it's not selling you something, it's saving you money, and as a new mom, she knows just how far even just a few extra dollars a month can take you.

Saved me a lot of money on my electricity

Mar 06, 2014 by James Hunt

My representative has saved me a lot of money on electricity. I can trust him when I talk to him. He always gives me a great rate. I'd like to mention his name it's Dwayne Woodcock. All I can say is Dwayne, job well done.

We\'ve already saved $6,000 per year

Mar 03, 2014 by Alan Payne

I run an automotive repair facility. Since we've changed our energy service with PowerMax Energy we've already saved approximately $6,000-7,00 per year. I haven't had any issues and will continue to do business with you.
Alan Payne
Dallas, Texas

Minimized my home bill $50-$75 per month

Mar 02, 2014 by Joe Madden

In 2006 I minimized my home bill approximately $50-$75 per month by signing with PowerMax Energy. I have also saved my food service clients thousands of dollars by switching them off the incumbent. A tremendous savings for them and I have developed some very good friends. I'm still helping them save money as time goes by.
Joe Madden
Wills Point, Texas

PowerMax Energy has saved us so much money

Feb 25, 2014 by Alyssa Rourke

Signing up for our electricity through PowerMax Energy has saved us so much money. Chelsea is so easy to work with and makes everything so easy and straightforward. My husband and I were moving into our first place together and she made the transition so smooth. When it was time to renew our contract she told us a better rate was available. Perfect!

Chelsea Ivey is an extraordinary consultant

Feb 24, 2014 by Chelsea Fritz

Chelsea Ivey is an extraordinary consultant, she is very reliable, intelligent, and up to date on current stats for energy companies to save the client the most money. Chelsea doesn't have all the answers, but that doesn't stop her from finding them To Better Serve Her Clients.

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